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If you are receiving an error when attempting to register for your Mastering™ course, please submit a request for a new access code by clicking the button below.  

The types of error message you may receive are:

The Course ID you entered was not found. Please re-enter the course ID provided by your instructor. If you continue to receive this error message please advise your instructor.


Or you may notice that your code registers you for the wrong course or receive the following error when trying to join your Mastering online course:

Your Subscription to Mastering does not include access to the book for this course.  

Please check the course ID and try again.





Our team will quickly respond via email.

Agents are on duty from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM (EDT) seven days a week.

Requests submitted overnight will be processed the following morning.



This request form is for Mastering™registration issues only!  You must have already obtained a code to submit this form.

For all other Mastering™ inquiries please click the button below 


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